Jun 7, 2010

After You: Progress

Screws gently pushed into the surface hold the tape down while a corner is being epoxied. Once the tape settles, pop the screw out, drop another layer of epoxy on it all and it's nice and tight!

I've actually gotten this side covered in paint and I'm finishing up the striping so I can poly before we go out of town next. After that dries she'll be righted and I'll finish up the top and inside. Still hoping for a July 4th or so launch date.

Need to start researching rivers to wander a bit more seriously now. Initially I was all about the Namekagon and the Saint Croix, but I'm also looking more local, like the Minnesota, Cannon, etc.

Pretty much written off the Headwaters on down based on a single Rice Lake journey report. You can haul a canoe over marches and mud, but the After You is less portagable. Unless I come up with a portable portaging solution.. Hmmm . :)

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