Dec 8, 2010


Long story. Many years ago I was working the web development world at a consulting company. It was a great group of folks, both technical and non-technical. Occasionally a bit of geekiness would show up in meetings and the business folk didn't always "get it." In one such meeting the idea of using GUIDs for something was brought up, and the concept of the GUID would have to be explained. Even after the explanation one of the business people made some comment about using GUIDs sparingly, lest we "run out" of them.

Being the wiseacre, I had to take that comment a couple steps (ok, miles) further. Thus GUIDSQUIRT was born. It's a site dedicated to wasting GUIDs. Flagrant misuse and disrespect for the remaining supply of GUIDs!

A site was cobbled together and given the timeframe of this idea (.com boom anyone?) we took out a domain name -- There was even some talk of a store in which you could buy t-shirts, but I think the fact that each shirt couldn't have a dynamically generated GUID killed that idea. After a number of years I got tired of dropping $x for a goof-off domain and let it go.

But people keep asking about GUIDSQUIRT. So here it is.

(I'm building an Android app based on the concept now. So you can waste GUIDs in your pocket all day long.. Stay tuned for further developments)

P.S. Waste not, want not.:

Waste! Waste! Waste!

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