Apr 22, 2011

Amon Tobin

Listened to "Out from out where" by Amon Tobin on my walk home today and was constantly struck by how comfortable I am with his combination of noises. A couple times
I was thinking about how discordant and chaotic his music is, but it felt really right. I've
only seem him live once, but it was a really great show. It's fun to find an electronic
artist who can recreate and improve on their music live. He definitely can.

So here are a few of his tunes that really strike me.

Verbal - There are times in my life when I have what I call a "mental virus" -- it's like
being sick with a simple virus, but it's mental. I know, hard to explain, but this video
sounds like it feels on the more manic side:

The videos are quite good, as well. Enjoy this, and welcome to my brain:

Finally, if ever there was a soundtrack to my life, I think this would be a good example of how well Amon Tobin matches:

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