Aug 13, 2012

Off to Michigan

After a nice, not too long drive to Rhinelander to see Great Aunt Lil, we enjoyed the evening wandering through the local quarry sliding down sand hills and collecting rocks.  The kids posed for pictures and finally washed their feet off again at the  

This morning, we had a medium sized drive from Rhinelander to Mackinaw City.  A picnic at Escanaba (in da sunlight) and a quick stop at the Most Awesome Rest Area in Naubinway proved a wonderful afternoon's frolic in the waves.  The water was warm, the sun high, and the kids excited.  Totally out of character, I even took my shoes off and wandered out.  The water was low -- or the sand was high -- so we got to walk way out and the kids ended up getting completely wet.  But that's expected.  Jill's tradition is to stop and put your feet in every Great Lake you see.  It's a wonderful tradition but makes going to see the fall colors an intimidating affair sometimes.

 We made it to the ferry before any rain, but as it was getting choppier and windier the breeze was up.  We watched the other ferry pass by, it was quite exciting.  It was even more exciting when we hit the wake and the spray hit us.  Eli and Lily were drenched.  It was awesome!

We finally made it to Mackinac Island and were met by my sister and her clan at the dock.  After a lovely pizza dinner downtown on the island, we walked both blocks back up to her summer house.  It's amazing to be so close to the heart of the island.   It's even cooler to come out the front door and have the tourists look at you in awe -- someone in a house so deep in town and not a B&B.  We're island rock stars for the week!

And the views are great!

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