Dec 6, 2012

Mad Scientists! Brain machine!

Jill is out of town for a couple days and she's barely out the door before we converted the breakfast nook into a soldering/glue gun project station.  I got the kit for the brain machine at the Maker Faire last year but hadn't put it together.  Lily has been bugging me to do it so tonight was the night. 
  She is getting quite good soldering and has wicked patience for waiting for the solder to "turn into molten metal" (her words).  Not only did the project involve soldering but also the glue gun, double plus good.  It's nice to be able to teach her the finer points of making stuff:
   Me:  "Will it hurt if we burn ourselves on the hot glue gun?"
   Lily:  "Yes?"
   Me:  "Actually the correct answer is 'it will hurt WHEN we burn ourselves on the hot glue gun.'". Glue guns are a no win situation but oh so much fun!

So we got the kit finished in pretty good time and Lily and Eli and I took turns trying the brain machine.  Trippy to say the least!  Lots of fun for all.  Bonus project danger: seizures!  (It's OK we're all fine.)

Yes, that's my daughter hooked up to a circuit board flashing lights in her eyes and dropping binaural beats in her ears.

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