Sep 11, 2008

Chess Pillow

I had previously posted about Lily's rose pattern pillow, but this was the true original pillow.  I got the pattern from the book "Mini Cushions In Cross Stitch" and while I had actually finished it some time ago (just after Maker Faire*) I hadn't gotten it sewed and stuffed until just lately.  Again, I love it so much it's hard to part with it, even if it will still be in the house...

(* I was so thrilled at the Maker Faire because I figured if there was one place in the world a guy could cross stitch in public and not warrant a bunch of funny looks, it was at the Maker Faire.  Or maybe the Pith Helmet distracted folks...)


Nana said...

your funny...glad to see some men enjoy xstitching...I too suspect there are many out there but they don like it broadcasted.. hurrah for you...I love your Yoda..


The Embroiderer said...

I'm so glad you like the chess inspired cushion. I'm the author of Mini Cushions in Cross Stitch and I'm currently working on a follow-up book. Keep up the good stitching.