Sep 11, 2008

Look now to the heavens...

The original phrase was "Look now to Heaven" but I changed it to "the heavens" in a successful effort to heathen it up a bit.  I think it worked out quite well.

One of the frustrations I have with being a guy who cross stitches is not just the overly spiritual nature of a lot of the content out there like in this case, but the cuteness factor.  I'm having to sort through endless collections of teddy bears and cutesey sayings in order to get to anything I find remotely interesting.  This is why I end up doing so many lighthouses.  

Anyhoo, I did this one for Jill for our (eighth? ninth?) annniversary a couple years ago.  I gave her the cross stitch undone and promised to complete it for her.  And I did complete it, too, just a few weeks shy of the NEXT anniversary.  But she liked it a lot and said she had never had something like this made for her.  It was one of those rare moments when she seemed genuinely excited about one of my many craft adventures.  She's awesome.

(And no, I don't know how to take a good photo of something that's been framed.  Deal.)

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