Dec 15, 2008

Robert 1, Weather 0

Wow, am I glad I got these Yaktrax! They make walking on packed snow a snap, rather than like walking in sand on a beach march. I had my balaklava closed so tight you could barely see my eyes. But no issues with the cold at all! Awesome! As usual, sweating and over heating was the biggest challenge. This evenings temperature was eight below with a windchill of twenty five below.


Ira said...

NICE! This is awesome. Now to find an office in walking distance from my house. I don't think 15 miles is doable.

Jamie Thingelstad said...

Thanks for posting about these! I'm definitely going to get some of these Yaktrax. When I walk the dogs in the morning I'm often ahead of plows and the trails are always difficult going. I'm slipping a lot. This is a perfect remedy!

Thanks for sharing!