Mar 11, 2009

Paper, Paper, Paper

Apparently I'm known for doing fun stuff with paper -- I was asked to show up at Studio Bricolage for their Paper night and maybe show some stuff, say some stuff, hang out and be a paper nerd.  Sounds great to me!  So I'm gathering together some of my works to show and/or bring.  I've built literally hundreds of models, so it's tough to pick just a few.

All of the objects on these pages are composed of paper and glue.  No nails, no wood, no tape.  Paper and glue.  (Except the camera, I used real fabric for the bellows..)

Here are a select few:

A nice optical illusion.  Was really tough to glue the parts that defy physics..

A chinese dragon automata, always loved the wood look on this one:
The sandcrawler from Star Wars:
R2-D2, upsized from a model that originally stood about two inches tall.
Doctor Johnson's house, from the post-war Micromodels series from the 50's.
A "Hako" version of the Discovery, from 2001
P-51 lightning.
Actual working bellows camera.  35mm with a pinhole "lens" it actually took some decent pictures for what it was.  If only I could find those.. :)

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