Mar 13, 2009

Robert the Marine, 1991

It's a picture of me on a hilltop in Korea, when I was an active duty Marine.  That's the DMZ behind me, and The Evil Kingdom Of North Korea in the hills beyond.  You can't tell, but I was ironically smoking a cigar in the style of George Peppard.  Because it seemed like the right thing to do.  I still have the boots, but lost the boot knife in a move a long time ago.

We didn't get ammo for our weapons, and in the event of war, we had no plan except "meet up with the Marines from 1st Radio Battalion in Pusan" -- which was hundreds of miles away.  Our unofficial plan was to steal the Navy van and trade it for a boat, then make way for Japan.

This was all during the ground war for the first Gulf War, and if ever there was an opportune time for them to "come south" that was it.  A lot of our guys were in the gulf, the North still had some resources with which to attack (gas, oil, etc.) and it was winter.  So there was a lot of paranoia on our side of the border -- mostly generated by folks who didn't get to go to the actual "current" war and hoping for some fun in our part of the world. :)

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