Aug 12, 2009

Catching Up: Part 1

The photo album server took a nosedive late last fall. It took a long time to recover the drive, then get the server working again, get the network set up properly and debugged, and get the new photos indexed. And then there was the whole sewer incident. It's been a long road. But things are moderately stable and I feel maybe a little somewhat hesitantly confident that they're back in working order. We'll see. :)

But in order to catch everyone up, I'm going to make some posts here in my blog summarizing and linking to all of the photo albums you've missed since then! Enjoy! (click on the links to see albums, or the year/date to see the whole month.

December was a happy holiday month, of course. The kids made gingerbread houses, christmas wish lists, and artistic and toylike creations. We put up a tree and took portraits in front of it. Robert had a couple of different birthday parties, since he was turning 40! We got to see the Michigan cousins, bubbles, and pretend northern lights. After a traditional Christmas Eve with the Hubbes families, we had a nice little new years eve. (I can't believe we managed to miss taking pictures of the Mipros, will check back on that one. We were having a bit of a house plumbing meltdown problem at the time..)

The month of the sewer issues. We took a lot of pictures of the long, drawn out drama. Thirty days without a fully functional plumbing system - in January! We went to Bear Lake with the McAneney's, Lily graduated from a gymnastics class, and Robert connected with his TNR friends by bowling.

Lily had a birthday, received some great presents, and later dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood. Robert is still working at Nazca, the kids are still kinda crazy, and it's cold out.

Next installment: February 2009!

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