Aug 11, 2009

.. progress ..

It's always a good thing to make some progress.

  • Finished filleting the inside seams
  • Taped inside seams
  • Began work on supports, finished mid-ship support and fore-side supports
  • Rough cut all support pieces
  • Removed braces, boat didn't snap in half or anything traumatic, yay!
Got some more hardware, clamps, drill bits, etc. That was exciting, as always. :) And I'm not counting it on the boat total. In fact, I'm not counting the prices or hours of the boat. I've learned that it's all about the process, all about the craft, and all about the journey.

I'm also so much more embedded in the idea of a chugger. Oh, and did I mention the Tweedle-Dee won't likely nest in the 'Dum? Those added supports and all. But that's ok. The intention of the two was that "there is another one somewhere", just like in the movie.

New Mantra: "It's just a rowboat" - replaced "that's for the shop, it's not included in the cost of the boat"

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