May 17, 2010

After You: Materials

I think there is a lot of information and valuable resources related to types of wood to use, qualities of wood, etc.

If I were building an Escargot or something really large that I want to hand down to my children when I die, I'd go whole hog. Marine Ply, West System fiberglassing, Marine Paint, the works.

I'm building a chugger right now that I want to enjoy for a few years (or more if it lasts) and when it goes kaput I'll either turn it into a garden box or a playset. So I'm using good ole exterior pine, a crapload of resin, drywall fiberglass tape instead of fiberglass fabric, porch paint, DAP 3.0 and lots of Titebond. Works just fine. I'm just a guy in Minnesota who wants to go up and down some rivers. Not building an ocean-worthy sailboat or anything. And I also understand they when/if my boat falls apart like a paper boat in a bathtub, I'll either fix it or build a new one. There will be many emotions, I'm sure, but surprise will not be one of them.

(Update post on progress soon.)

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