Jul 29, 2010

After You - Calhoun and Isles

Jill dropped me off in the evening as she took the kids to art class. I had three hours to putt about and explore the chain of lake. I'd always wanted to do this! You know that the lakes are connected, but until you actually get in there and go through the channels and under the bridges it's just not "real." I was not disappointed.

Between Cedar and Isles is a very long canal that passes some very nice homes. As I passed one of the last ones a guy ran out and took my picture. Every time someone takes a picture of the boat all I can think of is how to search the Internet for that image. Twitter? Flickr? Buzz? Still haven't found a serendipitous image of the boat. But I'll keep looking.

Between Cedar and Brownie lakes is a 50(?) foot long tunnel. I wasn't sure I'd make it, if it was deep enough, or what was on the other side. Weeds? Shallow? Bandits? But I made it through just fine. It was really cool to be under the roads like that, and when I got to Brownie I found a quiet little lake. There were some fishermen on it, but had they not been there it would have felt like I was the only boat in the world. I will return!

One of the fun elements between the lakes it being able to see all the graffiti. Love it or hate it - it's interesting at least!

When I returned to Calhoun I found it full of boats. Apparently I put in before the evening ramps up. The sailing school was going full swing and there were other sailboats out as well. Still don't like how they tack straight at you and then come about with no warning. I keep thinking they're going to cross my path - an indication would be nice.

I had a bit of time left and was concerned about my battery running out, so I anchored just off the Colorful playground and did some reading. Bliss.

A bit of video:

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