Aug 4, 2010

After You - Twin Lakes

Jill was visiting her folks for the weekend so I took the kids out on the boat. I found Twin lakes via google maps. The landing is not as well publicized as some others, so I call it the "secret" lake. It's up in Robbinsdale but you would think it was further out for all the wildlife. We saw a pair of eagles, a couple turtles, and more than a few locals. A great collection of small lakes, I intend to return for more exploring. I think we've seen it all by now, however.

This was also a test of my ability to launch and recover the boat all by myself. Lily helped a bit, but for the most part I feel comfortable doing the whole boat thing by myself. The trailer needs some work tweaking settings and benches, but I'm really excited about the concept of heading out for quick launches with just one kid or even alone!

Eli spent most of the ride in the cabin reading. He seemed to have a good time, regardless. He took a turn in the "bow seat" but that was mostly just to keep "even" with Lily.

Lily would spend the whole journey up in the front if she could. She sits with her back to the window and her feet in the front hatch - it's quite safe. She lets me know about obstacles and waves to other boats. She helped build this boat and really seems to love riding in it with me. She's an awesome first mate!

On our way back to the landing we discovered the bridge we passed under earlier was a railroad bridge! We passed about two feet under a moving train. Lily even got them to wave before we got to the bridge. Very exciting, but a bit scary. For me. She didn't even flinch.

A video:

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