Sep 4, 2010

After You - Lake George

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Our first outings on Lake George were a success. Launched at the public landing across the lake and Jill and niece Brooke and I took the boat across to the dock on the land. Lovely. Brooke didn't speak the whole time, but she did get a chance to sample some of the books in the After You'd children's collection. First mate Lily maintains that.

You can see the newly installed curtains. They're a hack job but meant to be placeholders for the real ones. I really wanted to get the curtain up under the lantern so I could keep junk in the bow and not worry that it looked messy. Ship shape!

Later that afternoon I took Lily and niece Hanna out on a ride. We discovered a previously unnoticed bay, saw at least three eagles waaaay up in the sky, Loons, and had a lot of fun. Lily introduced Hanna to the joys of sitting in the "front spot" that she enjoys so much.

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