Sep 5, 2010

After You - Mantrap Lake

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For our second outing Up North it was decided that Mantrap and it's connected lakes might be interesting. Were they! Grandpa lent me his battery as a backup, which was good as mine was apparently not fully charged. As a result we got down the lake, through a channel and into another lake when the motor slowed. I swapped batteries and headed back. Ended up using all of our alloted time doing that, however. So we didn't lose much travel in the process. But it just gave me a taste of the lakes and their potential.

Hanna and Eli were along for the ride and halfway we had the traditional candy bar snack. It was cloudy, threatened rain just a little, but never did.

Given the beautiful landing (with dock!) and parking area, not to mention the core beauty and length of the lakes -- I will definitely be back! And next time I'll bring the new gas motor, which should give me a much, much longer range. Can't wait!

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