Sep 8, 2010

Blister Run 2010

1 Ride
2 Capitols
3 Nights
4 States

Thursday through Sunday I'm abandoning the family and heading out on the open road with my wild posse of scooter friends. Ok, maybe not wild. But I'll be gone. If you want to know about our progress, just scroll to the bottom of this page and look at the instamapper location. Should be just about live.

I'll likely be posting pictures at the end of the day to Facebook. Or I might blow that off and not update anything. But Facebook is where it's at if it's at at all.

We usually go through Duluth at some point (and hit the Hammond in Superior) on these trips (this is our 6th year) but this year we're heading south. Madison WI, Galena IL, Dubuque IA, back up the river. It's a moderately loose plan, but it has a lot of miles and nobody will believe we "rode those things all this way" just like always.

See you in ~700 miles..

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